currently based in Salerno, Italy

Hi, I’m Irene, successfully graduated at the University of Salerno in Visual arts. My academic journey has been enriched by exceptional courses, including advertising photography at ILAS in Naples and fashion photography at IED in Rome.

My portfolio is a captivating journey through a one-of-a-kind visual universe. Each image, carefully crafted, tells an unforgettable story. From portraits unveiling the true essence of individuals to attention-grabbing advertising images and fashion shots challenging stereotypes, my work is a celebration of aesthetics and creativity.

Explore the irresistible charm of my photographs, where each shot is a work of art in itself.

Thank you for being here, where my passion for photography comes to life through my unique lens.

Editorial Clients:

I have collaborated with various talents in the field of fashion design, helping translate the concepts expressed through clothing designs into visual imagery.